Lewis Farm

Fun for all ages!

About Us

farmWe are a 5th generation working family farm located in Ranlo, NC, a small town in Gaston County approximately 15 minutes from Charlotte, NC. We offer visitors a chance to reconnect with the past through showcasing sustainable farming practices of the 1930’s & 1940’s.

We raise grass-fed cattle, pastured pork, wonderful brown eggs from Golden Comet chickens, hay, corn, soybean, wheat, pumpkins, & produce. Our products are sold straight from the farm (by appointment) year-round.

We also host birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, corporate events, and private carriage rides.

We can’t wait to meet you. Come on out!


Lewis Farm

330 Lewis Rd.

Gastonia, NC 28054

Email or call



8 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. We have been searching for farms that do not use rBST or other growth hormones on their cattle. Do you use these hormones? We would also like to know if you are an organic farm, certified or uncertified. Thanks.

    • Hi Patricia & Allen,
      We do not use any growth hormones of any kind, we only give medication when medically necessary & those cows we remove from the public food chain supply.
      Our farm is not organic, but our beef is grass fed. We are scheduling a date this month to have a cow processed, so let me know if you would like to place an order.
      Cathy Lewis

  3. Planning on getting engaged in the near future and want a carriage ride to somewhere romantic to ask the question. Do you offer things like this?

    • We can, depends on what you consider romantic & your price range. We charge a minimum of $600 for a one hour carriage ride within Gaston County, but we would be happy to quote you a price on another location.

      Cathy Lewis

  4. Good afternoon,

    My husband and I are interested in raising a small group of chicken (approximately 6 to 12 a year), and we are looking for a place to have the chicken’s processed. Do you offer this service? If so, what is your cost to provide this service? If not, you would be willing to assist us with a business name and phone number that might be able to provide this service?

    Thank you,
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Howard

  5. 63,retired looking for part time work,play softball Tuesday pm and Wednesday am.,rest of time ok,grew up in wva.,dad had a farm.thanks kert

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